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Timpani Mallets Model:Dresden

Timpani Mallets Model:Dresden

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Core: Cork

Shaft Material: Tonkin Bamboo

Shaft length: 350mm

Shaft diameter: about 11-12mm

This model is a reprint of the old German tone and style of mallets.

Nowadays, you can find German style mallets made with bamboo shafts anywhere in the world. The length of most of these mallets is around 370mm, but the Model:Dresden is 350mm. A mallet with a 5mm difference will have a completely different feel and balance, so a 20mm difference is a completely different thing.

In fact, most of the old German mallets were this length, and the great players of the past such as Peter Sondermann, George Breier, and Heinz Headler used 350mm mallets. Of course, there is the fact that they were musical geniuses, but I believe that the structure of the mallets played a role in their tone. The shorter mallets make the sound rise much faster. The weight of the mallets is also reduced, and a large head can be made with an excellent sense of balance. This means that it is possible to create a rich, crisp tone. I feel that the focused and deep sound is very compatible with early romanticism in particular.

Shaft length 350mm

Shaft diameter: approx. 11-12mm

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