”Tell the real past to the present”

Mallets are made and used by various manufacturers all over the world these days.
Such mallets also have different histories and various shapes depending on the region.
However, the current situation is that few of them remain.
Cymbo Mallets Service is committed to preserving previously established styles from a mallet perspective.
I think that protecting the past is the most important thing in the idea of modern Western music that requires historical evidence.

Cymbo Mallets Service is a project to preserve past and future mallet culture.

Masaaki Shimbo

Director / Chief Craftsman

2014 Started timpani mallet production.
Short-term study abroad in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands with support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2017
Riccardo Angelini about playing timpani、Raymond Curfs Learn from Mr. Lars Rapp Mr. Marinaus Komst Also receive various advice from the players I met locally about the mallet to be produced.
So far, mallets have been produced for numerous players belonging to domestic and foreign orchestras.
In order to produce better mallets, we often visit the homes of various overseas orchestras and conduct tests with the players. A project to conduct surveys and interviews locally to pass on the disappearing masterpieces to future generations. It is carried out.