Artists Comment

Kininklijk Concertgebouworkest Pre-Solo-Paukenist Marinus Komst

Love This Sticks!!

hr-sinfonieorchester Solo-Pauker Lars Rapp

I like the mallets. For me it feels that you have improved them since we met last time in Frankfurt.
They produce a warm sound and have a good "head weight", what means that they go good "into" the timpani head.
Congratulation! I am sure that you will sell a lot of the sticks.

Bayerische Staatsorchester Solo-Pauker Ernst-Wilhelm Hilgers

The last performance of Rosenkavalier I tried the blue one, and I really like them!!
They have a beautiful sound. Warm but although clear and concise.
Great Balance!!

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra Co-Principal Timpanist  Naoki Yasuda

When I first tried Cymbo Mallets, I was amazed at the high level of perfection. Not only the quality and balance of the bamboo, but also the quality of the felt and its finish are noteworthy. The attention to detail of the maker, which can be felt from the mallets, sets them apart from other companies in terms of tone and operability.

It has a warm and deep sound, and you can enjoy the sensation of being able to make the timpani pot sound full.

I strongly recommend the Cymbo mallets, which make you want to play all the time.

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Principal Timpani/Percussion  Shimon Shinozaki

With regard to all models, there is a sense of security about the mallets. There are no weak points that bother me in a bad way. The range of use is wide, and the number of changes of handles can be reduced, so you can concentrate on the music itself, and it is very reassuring to know that you can respond to any movement of the orchestra.

One of the problems of timpanists is that there is a difference between the sound heard by the player himself and the sound heard by the conductor and the audience. I have used several Cymbo mallets on a regular basis and have never had that problem, as I have received good reactions from my colleagues, the conductor, and the audience.

Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Principal Timpani/Percussion  Futoshi Shimizu

Cymbo Mallets maximize the potential of the instruments and players, and the timpani shines in the orchestra. It is no exaggeration to say that the mallets created by Mr. Shimpo's exceptional sensitivity and hard work are an art form in itself.

For timpanists, mallets are not just for playing the instrument. We believe that every timpanist who uses Cymbo Mallets will have a unique and brilliant musical experience.

We also feel that Model:Overture is the core of Cymbo Mallets. Its sound, pitch, and nuances are the very heart of timpani excellence.