Regarding lineup changes

Thank you for your continued patronage of Cymbo Mallets.

We are pleased to announce the following changes to our product lineup, effective 11/1 (Sun.).

Details of the change

Timpani Mallets Model:Overture

Timpani Mallets Model:Dresden

The timpani mallets lineup other than the above two models will be discontinued.

However, due to the expansion of our business, we will be selling these mallets only after we have created a stock of them.

We will now be able to deliver our products to you faster than ever before by allowing you to order and pay for your orders online.

We may, on rare occasions, be able to make models that will be discontinued, but we cannot necessarily guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Please contact us if you would like to place an order before the end of October. Please send us your order details using the contact form.

Cymbo Mallets Service

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